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Put a Cloche On It!

Remember back in May when I went to visit Michael at his B&B? Well during one of our late night, sangria-soaked nights on the porch, we found one particular idea awfully hysterical (you know how it goes). The idea was to Put a Cloche On It! We must have been discussing things like blogger and design trends and the ubiquitous Put a Bird On It and when we realized our mutual love for cloches and Put a Cloche On It was born. Cute stack of vintage books? Make it cuter and put a cloche on it! A trio of fancy candles? It’ll be fancier under a cloche! You get the idea. Everything looks better under a cloche.

Now, if you’re wondering what a cloche is, and I know some of you are, it’s a glass dome or bell jar. You can find them everywhere from antique stores to HomeGoods to the shelf of your thrift store, disguised as a cheese plate dome. They’re everywhere. So if you’re not in on the cloche game, there really is nothing stopping you. You want cute things to look cuter, right? Of course, you do.

So here’s what we’re doing…or at least what I remember from our drunken conversations. Let’s make Put a Cloche on It a thing. Or #PACOI if you’re in on the Instagram or Twitter game. Go round up a cloche, pop it on something cute and show us all how much cuter your life now is. Michael and I are gonna have a link up on Tuesday 12/18 so make sure you get it done this weekend and come back to show everyone.

Now let me show you what I Put a Cloche on…

The milk and cookies set I DIY’d last week looks even better under a cloche and is now safe from toddler grabby hands! You guys know my penchant for all things cute wrapping related, so the thought of hiding my ribbons and such away sort of disappointed me. So I rounded them up and covered them with a cloche. It looks cute plus they’re protected from both toddler hands and sneaky cats.

Now if you didn’t believe me when I said that everything, absolutely everything, looks better under a cloche, then I present to you….

Bills under a cloche. They won’t go away but they’ll look fantastic while they wait to be paid.

Annnnnd matchbox cars under a cloche. I mean, they’re already taking over my house, I might as well enjoy them, right?

Okay, so you got it? Next week, bring your pretty things under a cloche, bring your funny things under a cloche, bring anything under a cloche. And tag the shit out of it #PACOI. It’ll be fun, I promise.

Dare to Give Handmade…Sharpie Mugs!

This week’s Dare to DIY challenge is to Give Handmade. I’ve made my stance on handmade gifts pretty clear over the years…I moooostly don’t do them. Except for a sundae in a box and some caramels. Wait, why are all my homemade gifts food related??? But anyway, this gift was born out of pure selfishness. I wanted it for myself and when it turned out kinda cute, I decided to gift one to my friend and her little fam. You can personalize that shizz too!

I wanted a cuter plate for Santa’s cookies and a cuter cup for the milk. I actually told myself to do this last year. So I’m proud of myself for my follow-through. Anywho, I decided to do the ubiquitous sharpie on a mug/plate thing. You’ve had to see this all over Pinterest. However, once a DIY project goes viral, with it comes to all sort of complaints about things not working and OHMYGODHOWWILLIWASHIT??? People need to 1) calm the eff down and 2) follow directions.

btw have you noticed that a chalkboard wall is pretty much the perfect background for everything?

Target has perfect little plates and espresso mugs for $1.99 each, which was the perfect price for messing up. I actually checked the Dollar Tree first but they didn’t have anything nearly as cute. You also need a Sharpie fine point, oil-based paint marker. I picked it up at Michaels and it was right on the Sharpie endcap.

First, I preheated my oven to 350 degrees.  Then I sketched out on paper what I wanted it to look like. Then I just decided to go for it and free-hand write it on the plate. Luckily I didn’t hate it. But honestly, I was sort of scared the whole 20 seconds it took me to do it.

Then I put the plate and mug into the oven, right on the rack and baked it for 30 minutes. Once the timer went off, I turned the oven off but left the plate and mug in there for a few hours, until the oven & the staff were fully cooled.

Took it out, had a little photo shoot, ate the cookies and plopped both pieces in the dishwasher. Normally I’d just handwash it because this is a one-night-a-year thing and it’s not getting that dirty. But since the internet crazies have to know all methods of washing, it made it through a normal dishwashing almost unscathed. Some of the paint came off but not enough for me to even care or fill it in. How about you just handwash them carefully? Good? Good.

Go check out the rest of the handmade gifts and feel bad about your self! 😉

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