In going with my ( admittedly slightly depressing) but totes comfy and cozy Scandi Christmas, I give you an idea that I’m pretty sure I came up with on my own, Ombre Felt Scalloped Trees. Like, I didn’t see it anywhere and copy it. I’m not saying this exact project hasn’t been done before because, really, who are we kidding, these type of things are everywhere, but I had an original idea! This is cause for celebration!

Supplies Needed:

Tree Shaped Cardboard Cones from your craft store
Various colors of Felt
Hot Glue

This is an imperfect sort of tree and I embrace uneven scallops and gaps. Just turn that portion to face the wall, right? Felt is my fabric of choice this winter so prepare to be bombarded by that wooly goodness. All up in your face wooly goodness.