Welcome to Craft Week guys! The Always Crafty Workshop this past weekend was such an amazing success that I decided to share tutorials for all of the crafts we did. So each day this week, I’ll post the how-to’s and end the week with a sweet giveaway. Sound good? Things to keep in mind 1) I didn’t pretend to hide the fact that I bite my nails to death, please ignore them if you possibly can and 2) My hot piece of a husband took all these pictures during weekend toddler naptimes when he could have been laying on the couch watching golf. Crafts come first in this house. Thanks, John. So first, let’s take a sneaky Pete look at the workshop via my pal Bethany’s Instagram

It was straight up gorg if I do say so myself. I’ll be sharing more soon!
Sp first up is the moss monogram wreath. This is a Pottery Barn knock-off that looks super fancy but is ridiculously easy.  Get your supplies: Rolled Moss ($16.99 for 48″ at Jo-Ann Fabric) 12″ Paper Mache Letter ($4.49 at Jo-Ann), Scissors and Hot Glue.

Lay your letter face down on the back of the moss and begin by gluing moss to the side of the letter.

The glue will seep through the moss, so press lightly and repeatedly. Hot glue never really hurts me but maybe I’ve burnt my fingertips off by now, so who knows? You can use a popsicle stick to press the moss against the glue if you’re a wuss.

Continue to the other side of the letter and glue. Then work your way around the top and bottom, cutting and trimming as you go.

When you get to weird angles or curves, you have to get crafty. Figure out which cut would cover the most edge and go with it.

If you mess up, it doesn’t matter. Moss is very forgiving.

Use your trimmed off scraps to cut pieces to fit into your blank spots.

Go around your letter and trim off all excess moss. I obviously didn’t cover the back of the letter. That’s what you call a waste of moss.

Make sure you go back and glue any loose pieces.

Here are more pics of this M in action. It’s mostly cutting, gluing, trimming.

Make sure you flip your letter over in case there are any loose flaps. Loose flaps are no good.

ta-da! You’re done!

String a ribbon up on this baby and get it on your front door asap!