I know for a fact that there are a billion other fabric flower garland tutorials out there and I’m flattered you chose mine. Ha. This is an easy little garland to whip up with scraps. Seriously, you can use whatever. Old t-shirts, sheets, whatever you can find lying around. So here’s what you need: a glue gun, some twine and small squares of fabric. I used burlap here and cut out seven 2″ squares. If you use a thinner fabric, such as the jersey sheets I used for the white flowers, cut out 8 or 9 squares.

Take a square, fold it in half and place a dab of hot glue in the middle, near the fold.

Fold it over and hold for a few seconds until the glue is secure. The hot glue may bleed through but will probably only be warm. Use your own judgment here folks.

Once the square has been folded into quarters, place a glob of glue on the point.

Place the pointed corner down onto another square.

Repeat this step five more times, gluing the corners of the fabric squares onto the same square.

Underneath these folded squares is the flat piece of burlap. It should look fairly full.

Take that bottom piece of burlap and fold it in half

If you’re flower looks wimpy, bulk it up with another folded square or two.

Then take your twine and place it through the middle of the fold.

Drop a glob of glue in there, securing your twine. When it comes to hot glue, I’m a more is a better girl.

Fold it shut and scrunch down to make sure the glue dries and that the flower is secure on the twine.

Boo-yah. You’re done. I obviously like my crafts a little rough looking and embrace imperfection. I don’t measure out um, pretty much anything. So if you mess something up, who cares, use it anyway, add more hot glue or something 😉

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