Couple weeks ago, my friend Adrienne came over for some good old fashioned crafting.She brought a shit-ton of yarn and a tiny sewing machine. Newsflash: I can operate a tiny sewing machine. I was pretty proud of myself. We actually got a lot done and my house is now properly loved on.

I think it was on Michelle from Decor and the Dog’s post about Valentine’s Day decor that I commented about never caring about VD before. But like all the holidays, as soon as Gabe popped out, it was a holiday free for all around here. Gabe will grow up in a festive house dammit! Pink and red shit everywhere!

Gabe’s got the yarn ball poofs down pat.


Glittered hearts on burlap inspired by this pin

Um, heart artwork blatantly printed out from this pin

My first attempt at yarn poofs turned out a-ok with me

Pipe cleaner letters inspired by this pin

I’m sort of obsessed with decorating with tons of stuff on my dining room table.

Aren’t the arrows adorbs? They were inspired by these.

And the chalkboard, while blank right now, is sporting this pretty new garland made with all sorts of scraps of ribbon I had. Oh, and it was inspired by this one

So we are all clear now right? By inspired I obviously mean “blatantly copied”. Ha. I’m pretty proud of all my crafts this year. What’s next? St.

What’s next? St. Paddy? Yeah, you know it. We’ll be throwing up green in no time.